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after working hard on the cara a cara project i have been quite busy working out "what next" and whilst some exciting opportunities have come along - see below - i am also working on a series of self portraits.

Hollow (Wo)man

hollow (wo)man

[oil on canvas, 46cm x 46cm]


it's been a bad day

it's been a bad day

[oil on canvas, 46cm x 46cm]


pushing an elephant up the stairs

pushing an elephant up the stairs

[oil on canvas, 46cm x 46cm]

new projects i am involved in:


a spin off collective from the recent alas residency, we are working together - through the medium of screenprinting - to explore the notion "can a book be an exhibition?"

50 children - 50 artists

an exciting project set up by the london based miracles charity to raise money and awareness of child poverty in the uk, specifically within the borough of tower hamlets.

EU Portraits

an ambitious project set up by birony kapoor of the IMOSfoundation, bringing together a group of british artists to visit, find and portray a member of each of the eu countries, with an aim of looking closer at identity and belonging across the eu: do stereotypes really exist? can we really identify a nation within a face?

... more news on these soon

cara a cara update

thanks to everyone involved in making my "cara a cara" project a huge success. we raised over £4,660 and have sent this out to sucre, bolivia together with all the sonsored books for the children.

you can find out more about the project here

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