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my work is centred on the sense of ‘self’, what this means, in terms of the perception and/or identity and how this can be represented.  i have explored this in various forms, from cctv through photography and sculpture, to voyeuristic photographs and paintings of acquaintances or strangers. identity has always intrigued me, and through my work i attempt to stimulate my audience into considering it in a different way. 

a recent body of work did this by gathering inspiration from a little known condition called “prosopagnosia”.

prosopagnosia (better known as faceblindness) is not about “not seeing”, but more about “not recognising” or “not remembering”, not being able to recall from whichever memory bank is required, that a specific person is someone you know…

think of the “cross race effect” or “other race effect”, you’ll have heard people comment:
“all black people look the same to me”
… swap ‘black’ for ‘white’ or ‘asian’ or maybe you should just leave it out for those with faceblindness:
“all people look the same to me”
and you’ll come close to knowing what the world, can and often does, look like for faceblind people.




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